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Moving to a new country can be exciting but also challenging. Finding a doctor or medical professional you can communicate with comfortably can be the difference between a good diagnosis and a bad diagnosis. I conceptualised and designed a mobile application which puts the focus on communication when searching for a doctor or medical professional in Berlin.


  • Conceptualisation
  • Identity Design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Prototyping

Users can quickly search for a medical professional using 4 seperate criteria. As the app is focused on language, a Conversational UI brings clarity to the search functionality. Popular tags are populated with more use of the app.

The results can be viewed in two modes: the Card View which emphasises language proficiency, and the List View which emphasises the location of the medical professional.

The circular indicators show language proficiency of both the medical professional and the staff at the praxis. This gives users a clear idea of what to expect when they call or arrive at the given practice.

The inner circle represents the language profiency of the medical professional and the outer circle the staff at the practice. Three levels of opacity represent “Fully competent”, “Semi competent”, and “Not competent”. Language proficiency can be elaborated on in the Profile pages.

Profiles show the medical professional's details, including a Biography (which is initially auto-generated by provided data), list of Services and Contact details. They also provide quick access to email or to call the practice directly.

Previous searches and results can be viewed via the 'History' section and 'Bookmarks' feature. History entries are automaitcally created when a new search is made and Bookmarks of individual results can me made at any time while viewing results or profiles.

The interface language can be changed to better suit the users' needs.

Doclear App
Doclear App

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